A nice piece by GERARD MUTUNGA


What was your recent social media update? How often do you update your status? To what direction is your social conversation tailored to? What motivates what you say in social media platforms? What community or social pages do you follow?! Well, reflect on these issues and discover what kind of person you are!!

‘If I  were to marry now, I would find my partner via social media’ I heard this words and my heart almost skipped a beat as mukusya maundu, a psycho social communicator with vast knowledge and experienced consultant broke down psychosocial manifest in speech delivery, interpersonal communication and intra personal communication. ‘The social media provides a platform form for individuals to talk their mind, they tell you what their life and thoughts revolve around. It’s actually the mirror of their believes’ explained mukusya, ‘the discussions people engage in, the pages they follow, the people they identify with, and…

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